Tachometer and Stroboscope Calibrator
The Compact Instruments MT2013 Tachometer and stroboscope calibration test system is designed for test and calibration of Digital Optical Tachometers, Optical Speed sensing products and Stroboscopes.

The MT2013 is suitable for Calibration of virtually any make of Optical Tachometer, Optical Speed Sensors and Stroboscopes, in addition, they can be used with Digital Panel Tachometers, Ratemeters, Batch counters and similar pulse related products.

The Calibrator can be used to test Panel and Bench type Tachometers via the pulse output feature and also tests proximity and optical speed Sensors.

The MT2013 includes a VLS5/J optical speed sensor for stroboscope calibration as well as a DIN to 3.5mm jack plug used for checking the remote input on Compact tachometers and a general purpose DIN to bare leads connector.
Digital Display5 Digit LED - displays input or output speeds
Speed Range3 – 100,000 rpm in 4 ranges
4 position Selector switch
Speed AdjustmentFine adjust via multi turn potentiometer
Accuracy± 0.01% ± 1 digit
ResolutionAutoranging max. 0.001 rpm
Output FacilitiesLED attachment for Optical Tachometers TL pulses for Digital Instrumentation
Input FacilitiesOptical Sensors [supplied] ( can be used for Stroboscope calibration), Proximity Sensors
3 wire 10-30vdc types, TTL input & magnetic Sensors
Sensor Supplies5vdc & 12vdc
ControlsSignal in/out switch for Tachometers or Strobes
Input/OutputsStrobe output Via 3.5mm Stereo socket
Signal InputVia 5 pin DIN socket
Sensor PowerVia signal input socket
Power Input110/240vac (dc options by request)
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