5 digit Bench Tachometers
Functions as a Ratemeter, Counter, Timer or a user scaleable DVM (with analogue input module fitted)
Designed primarily for general trst application of rotating machinery, these pulse related measurement instruments, are ideal for laboratory and test department applications.

In addition to speed measurement, this versatile indicator includes additional features of Totals Count, Interval Timer & a DVM option (with additional module).

This series of Digital instruments are ideal for displaying both pulse related measurements and analogue DC voltage related parameters between 0-10vdc.

The instruments incorporate a highly flexible user accessible scaling system which provides the user with the facility to calibrate the BT Multiranger read almost any related engineering parameter.

Pulse Output feature
In addition the instrument is available with a variety of factory fitted modules.

Analogue Output module
This module provides a DC voltage or current output from a Pulse Input signal, ideal for data logging applications.

Available in three options, 0-10 vdc, 0-20mA or 4-20mA. This output is user scaleable through the Digital scaling feature.

RS232 Output module
This module provides a Serial output of the displayed value.

Fast timebase
These instruments have a timebase of 0.1 seconds when Analogue output & RS232 modules are fitted.
Speed Range3 to 99,999 units
ResolutionMax 0.001
Accuracy0.05% +/- 1 digit
Count modeup to 8 digits (autorange)
Time int. Mode0.00 - 99999 secs (reciprocal)
Time Acc.0.00 - 99999 secs (total time of all counts)
Scalingbetween 0.001 - 99999 x or ÷
Signal InputPulses from proximity, optical magnetic sensors & Encoders
Power Inputs110/240AC or 12/24vdc options
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BT10000$1095.00Bench Tachometer 110/24V AC Selectable
BT11000$1195.00Bench Tachometer DA1 0 - 10vdc O/P
BT11000/001$1395.00Bench Tachometer Pulse O/P + BNC Signal input
BT11001$1595.00Bench Tachometer DA1 RSS232 O/P
BT20000/001$1595.00Bench Tachometer 12 - 24 vdc, includes MiniVLS III
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