Tachometer with Analog Output
2 Models

A2108: Basic Model with Voltmeter Plugs
A2108/LSR: Adds laser light source and BNC Cable

The A2108 Non-Contact Tachometer converts RPM into an analog (voltage) output signal allowing you to use any Digital Multimeter, Data Acquisition System or Voltage Recorder as an RPM display. Optional Contact adapter allows you to measure contact RPM or surface speed.

The voltage output on the A2108/LSR Analogue Output version provides 1mv/rev = 6vdc @ 6000 rpm.

The A2108/LSR version is switched On manually, using the continuous mode feature. option, provided continuous measurement is taking place the Probe will remain in the ON mode. An Auto OFF feature provides shutdown if no activity is logged for 1 minute.
Complete Kit
The A2108 comes supplied in a custom carrying case with AAA Batteries, Instruction Manual, Calibration certificate & reflective tape (3pcs, 3"x1") kit
RangeRange 1: 100 - 6,000RPM
Range 2: 1,000 - 60,000 RPM
Resolution+/- 1.5mV
Accuracy+/- 0.5%
Light SourceA2108: Tungsten Filament
A2108/LSR Laser Class II 635nm
Optical RangeA2108: 50 - 1000 mm
A2108/LSR: Up to 2m (6ft)
Range SelectUp Arrow = I
Down Arrow = II
Carry CaseIncluded
Contact AdapterOptional
Voltage Output0.1 - 6 V DC, Both Ranges
On Target IndicatorGreen LED
Power4 x AAA batteries - supplied
ConnectionsA2108: Coiled cable with 2 x 4mm plugs fitted
A2108/LSR: Binder connector + 1m cable
MountingTripod bushing included on A2108/LSR only
Update time(A2108-LSR)Time of one rev or 1millisecond
Zero offset(A2108-LSR)Max. 6mV Analogue version
Controls(A2108-LSR)2 x Press to Measure buttons
One Continuous Mode button
ControlsOn, Invert, Capture, Ratio(A2108-LSR-RS232)
Battery Life10 hours, continuous use
Instruction Manual Click to download
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A2108$349.00Tachometer with Analog Output
A2108/LSR$469.00Advent Laser Tachometer with DA Output
A2100/01$99.00Spare Contact Adapter for Compact Tachometers
205T$5.00Tachometer Reflective Tape, 1x7 Inch Strip - TAPE
205TS$5.00Reflective Tab Sheet, 35 1/2" x 1/2" Squares - TAB
205TS-4$15.00Qty 4 Reflective Tab Sheet, 35 1/2" x 1/2" Squares
DT-TRI-HD$35.00Tripod for Tachometers and Stroboscopes
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